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Tibetans revere him.
Buddhists are inspired by him.
Others are simply intrigued by him.

He is Jetsun Milarepa, an accomplished 11th century Buddhist practitioner and poet, venerated by all Tibetan Buddhist Schools for his religious dedication and spiritual realisation. Perhaps best known through his biography, “The Life of Milarepa”, stories of Milarepa’s miracles have captivated the imagination of readers for centuries. These miracles were performed not to impress, but to challenge our perception of reality and to turn our minds to seek answers to life’s many questions.

For the first time in Singapore, Drikung Kagyu (S) Om Centre will be holding the Milarepa Exhibition from October 26, 2019 to November 3, 2019 at Nanyang Poh Leng Hui Kuan from 10 am to 6 pm daily. This unprecedented exhibition will showcase artworks, ancient artefacts, records and pictures of places, where Milarepa meditated during his lifetime. Among them are rare photographs of his birthplace, ascetic practice, enlightenment and Mahaparinirvana sites. Carefully curated by Lama Dawa, the Spiritual Advisor of Drikung Kagyu (S) Om Centre, Singapore is the third stop of this exhibition tour.  The exhibition made its debut in Bodhgaya, India and was soon followed by a second successful reception in Taipei, Taiwan.

The exhibition provides an insight into a different yet real perspective of the life and accomplishments of Milarepa. Through the explanations of each exhibit’s origin and significance by the exhibition guides, visitors are transported to a world, where the mystical Buddhist Master Milarepa comes to life.

Considering that everyone nowadays leads a busy, hectic life, having such an exhibition would enable all visitors to learn more about the Great Yogi Milarepa and his remarkable achievements in less time. The benefit of knowing about this most famous Yogi of Tibet is immeasurable.

It is the sincere wish of the organisers and members of Drikung Kagyu (S) Om Centre that the life and accomplishments of Buddhist Master Jetsun Milerapa do not remain just as a story in our minds, but an inspiration in our hearts as we strive to attain final, lasting liberation.





直贡噶举(新加坡)唵中心将首次在新加坡于2019年10月26日至2019年10月3日在南洋普宁会馆,每天上午10点至下午6点举行密勒日巴展览。这个史无前例的展览将展示艺术品,古代文物,记录和地方图片,密勒日巴在其一生中进行冥想。其中包括他的出生地,禁欲练习,启蒙和大般涅槃遗址的罕见照片。由新加坡直贡噶举(新加坡) 唵中心的精神顾问喇嘛达瓦精心策划,本次巡展是第三站。该展览在印度菩提迦耶首次亮相,不久之后在台湾台北举行了第二次成功的招待会。






Dear Dharma Friends,


The long-awaited Milarepa Exhibition is finally here! The exhibition will officially open on Oct 26, 2019.

Attached is the programme for the second day, Oct 27, 2019 onwards.


Don’t miss this precious opportunity to see the precious exhibits and pictures.

See you there!







Om Mani Padme Hung


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